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Are you looking for a Driveway Cleaning company in Derby, Nottingham or Leicester? Then look no further than Dirt Detox for your professional driveway cleaning service! Over time our beautiful driveways accumulate road dust, dirt and grime, dulling any sparkle they once had to the point we can’t quite remember our driveway’s original colour. Unkept driveways become a breeding ground for moss and weed growth and during the colder months, this can create a hazard risk of slips and falls. 

At Dirt Detox based in Long Eaton, our Driveway Cleaning services remove all of the dirt and grime, returning your driveway to its near original clean state allowing you to be the envy of all your neighbours once again. With regular driveway cleaning and maintenance, your driveway will keep in good condition and Dirt Detox is here to help with this. We have all of the professional equipment and skill set required, so leave all of the hard Driveway Cleaning work to us!

Commercial and Domestic – We are equipped and have the experience to offer our Driveway Cleaning service for any size driveway across Nottingham, Derby and Leicester.

Block Pave Sanding – After a thorough driveway cleaning the gaps between the block paving will need to be refilled with sand. We use kiln dried paving sand which will give the driveway it’s sharp new appearance.

Driveway Sealant. Driveway Colour Enhancer (Before and After) – Once the driveway cleaning and re-sanding is complete, the driveway can then be sealed. Sealing the driveway will protect against sunlight, oil, diesel, petrol and moss growth.

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Contact us today for professional Driveway Cleaning services. We can book you in straight away, as long as you are in Nottingham, Derby or Leicester, we can be with you within 24 hours for most occasions.

We love what we do and are fully insured for any potential damage. We go above and beyond to please our customers and have many happy, repeat clients. Take a look at some of our before and after pics to see the quality of our work.

A driveway usually takes at least 2 hours clean. However once cleaned we may need to re-sand any block paving. Also we offer our driveway colour enhancement and driveway seal treatment as additional services which will increase the time of completion.

We always thoroughly tackle every single blemish we find with our professional industrial pressure washers. Sometimes blocks can be far past the restoration point and can either be cracked or chipped. At the customer's request we can replace individual blocks with new ones.

Yes! We work all across the East Midlands from our base in Long Eaton. Driveway Cleaning in Long Eaton, near Sawley, Breaston, Draycott, Risley, Castle Donington, Sandiacre, Stapleford, Toton, Bramcote, Beeston, Attenborough and everywhere else across Nottingham, Derby and Leicester.

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